360 Degree Spinner

Lite Version

Free combination design,

Unlock infinite possibilities.

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“More Options”

Thanks to the new structural design, the lite version spinner with extension kit can achieve 6+ different shooting options.

“B-roll Time”

Create captivating transitions like never before. Elevate your videos with seamless effects.

“Portable Freedom”

Experience the enhanced portability of the newly designed box. Take it anywhere for effortless video shooting.


Main Part (Lite Version)

Payload (Camera): 4.4 lb / 2 kg

Payload (Round Plate): 44 lb / 20 kg

Round Plate Diameter: 11.8 inch

Background Frame Size: 39.4 inch x 19.7 inch

Extension Kit (Lite Version)

Payload (Camera): 4.4 lb / 2 kg

Unlock Full Functions: Format 1~8

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can all 8 formats be achieved with the Main Part (Lite) and Extension Kit (Lite)?

A: Yes! Not only the 8 formats we listed, you can also explore more combinations!


Q: Can the Extension Kit for the Lite Version be used on the Standard Version?

A: No. Lite and Standard are completely different products and cannot be used with each other.


Q: Can the Extension Kit be used on its own?

A: No. The Extension Kit needs to be used with the Main Part (both for Lite or Standard)

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