360 Degree Spinner

Standard Version

Unlock new ways to create epic footages.
Bring the visual strangeness and inspire better!

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“Inspire Better”

Now you can rotate the camera, not just items. Inspire you and get more epic shots. Make the impossible possible!

“Smooth & Silent”

The core component of the spinner – “BEARING” is manufactured by high-precision CNC process. Ensure the stability of the footage and the purity of the audio.

“Products Only?”

Still worry the “lazy susan” can not carry heavy things? Our unique construction and solid stainless steel material increase the payload of the spinner to 330lbs.


Main Part (Standard Version)

Platform Diameter: 20 inch

Vertical Pole Length: 16 inch

Horizontal Pole Length: 24 inch * 2

Horizontal Pole Adjust Angle: 110°

Extension Kit (Standard Version)

Vertical Pole Length: 48 inch

Horizontal Pole Length: 48 inch

Background Pole Length: 41inch

Background Pole Height: 20 inch

This is a very unique setup and can be used in a number of different ways. You can capture shots that I just don’t seem possible any other way a gimbal would get you close. This setup creates the perfect circle with pinpoint accuracy the whole way around. The beauty of this product is that it’s able to take the heavier payload of more professional cameras. It would be a great way of making videos stand out.

I’m very impressed about how stable the spinner is. RAUBAY has built an amazing quality product spinner and I was able to test it out. I always want to make sure the build and quality of the gear is up to my standards. And RAUBAY’s spinner did not disappoint, it allowed me to attach my huge URSA PRO to it and have no problems while spinning it.

When I first saw this I was surprised this unlocks a ton of creative possibilities we will touch on. It has a really smooth bearing system and rotation. It lets creative possibilities happen like mounting from above which scenes that can’t have motion in them like a beverage scene for example. This is completely silent, thanks to the bearing system. That’s really good for video work.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can the Extension Kit be used on its own?

A: No. The Extension Kit needs to be used with the Main Part (both for Lite or Standard)


Q: Can the Extension Kit for the Lite Version be used on the Standard Version?

A: No. Lite and Standard are completely different products and cannot be used with each other.

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